Why Choose a Serviced Office for Your Business?

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A serviced office is a fully furnished office space, with utilities and business support services included in the monthly rental. A lot of serviced office suites in Singapore are run independently or by individual providers. Though fast to set up, these types of offices can be expensive because they provide little room for negotiation on price. Those who want affordable serviced office spaces might do well to look into companies that offer them under a package. This way, rent can be split among employees or clients or even both if required.


  1. A business address that reflects your brand

The more high-end offices come full of mod cons, with some even boasting their onsite concierge services for added convenience. Moving into an affordable serviced office in Sydney means choosing how simply or lavishly you want to fit the space.


  1. Easily accessible

So no meetings are ever missed. Many affordable services in Sydney have flexible contracts, allowing businesses to pay month by month without committing to a lengthy deal. This allows your business to quickly expand and scale down as needed, ensuring staff can always meet up whenever they need to work together.


  1. Access all areas

Most affordable serviced offices in Sydney providers offer their clients access cards which allow them 24/7 access to their workspaces. This range of flexibility combined with a professional receptionist means you can work uninterrupted along with having access to your desk whenever you need it.


  1. A place for meetings

The most affordable serviced office in Sydney has a selection of different spaces to use – from glass-fronted boardrooms which overlook the city, quiet private meeting rooms, and even bespoke spaces designed for pitching new business projects.

  1. A home from home workspace

When you rent office space on your own, it’s unlikely that the desks will be laid out the same way or that individual offices will be configured in the same layout. By fitting out an entire floor yourself, not only do you get to choose down to the furniture and carpeting, you can even make sure your office is custom-tailored to suit the needs of your business.


  1. That new (office) smell

Every time you move into a serviced office, it’s like having a clean slate ready for your business to come in and make its mark. Everything has been set up perfectly – all that’s left for you to do is walk through the door and get on with what you need to do best.


  1. Grow your business

Let the experts help out with everything from marketing and networking opportunities to off-site seminars and workshops. It would seem strange if we were advising against trying to expand your business, but there are few situations where this might not work out in everyone’s favor; having a serviced office means that all the hard work is done for you, so take advantage and give yourself some breathing space while your company grows!


Serviced offices are now one of the most common choices for businesses looking for space. Once considered ideal only for larger companies, many organizations now realize the benefits of working in serviced offices.