Foster carers are needed to care for children with a range of disabilities from learning disorders or developmental delays, to physical disabilities to intellectual and more severe disabilities. These children are like all others and want to feel special and cared for but they can come with their own unique set of needs.

The rewards of caring for a child or young person with disabilities are many but most carers cite the opportunity to give a young person a safe and happy family environment that they wouldn’t necessarily have otherwise had.

In many cases, children and young people with disabilities can thrive in foster care – they can reach and exceed educational and health milestones, grow in confidence and grow into active and confident members of society.

Fostering is a partnership between the Carer and the Agency through its caseworkers – working together to meet the needs and potential of kids in foster care. This includes regular home visits by case workers, ongoing training for carers and 24/7 on-call support. You will also be helped to access localised individual support, tailored to your situation, such as childcare, supported playgroups, disability peer support groups, special camps and disability employment training to name a few.

If you think it may be a little daunting to provide foster care on a full time basis to children or young people with a disability, you may want to consider the possibility of starting with respite or short term placements where you will play an integral role in maintaining the current placement and being a part of their special life.

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