There are a number of different ways in which you can provide care for a child or young person while they are unable to live at home. Supporting a child or young person could include :

Emergency care

Emergency care provides immediate or crisis care for children when there are concerns for their immediate safety. Emergency carers need to be able to provide care at short notice, after hours and on weekends.

Respite care

Sometimes parents and carers need a break. Respite carers help for short periods of time, such as school holidays, weekends or for short periods during the week. Respite care is usually planned and scheduled well in advance.

Interim or restoration care

Interim or restoration care is limited in time, up to a maximum of twelve months. This type of placement may be needed for a child while they are waiting to return to their birth family or waiting for a long-term placement.

Long-term foster care

Long-term care is needed when a child or young person cannot return to their family, be placed under a guardianship order or placed for open adoption and will remain in care until they are 18 years of age or beyond.

Relative or kinship care

Relative or kinship care is when a child or young person lives with a relative or someone they already know.


Guardianship is a court order that allows a child or young person to be cared for by a person whom they already know, until they are at least 18 years of age.

Open adoption from care

Open adoption of a child or young person from foster care is possible if it is considered to be in the best interests of the child or young person, where they cannot be restored to their birth family. This does not simply mean adding a child to a family, but will also involve extending the carer’s family boundaries to include the child’s birth family and relatives.

If you decide you’d like to become a carer

Think about the type of care that best suits your circumstances and your family’s needs as well as your availability. Remember that every type of care is important and whichever path you choose you will always make a difference. 

Enquire today! Begin the journey to becoming a foster carer or adoptive parent.