Popular wheels for 4×4 cars in Australia

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Most of the 4×4 wheels vehicles available in Australia are fairly expensive, yet the car owner finds that it is similar to all other vehicles manufactured when they get it from the car dealer. Some of the vehicle owners are purchasing the 4×4 vehicle as a status symbol, so they want their vehicle to look different and unique. One of the easiest ways to make the vehicle look unique is by installing a new set of wheels for the vehicle, which will also enhance the appearance. The vehicle owner would like to find out the popular wheels for 4×4 cars in Australia, so that they can find suitable wheels for their vehicle.


Some of the top wheel brands in Australia are Avant Garde, Avid, KMC, Vertini, Hussla, VCT, Lexani, Rock star, Stance and Touchdown. However, for 4×4 vehicles, the Hussla is the most popular brand in Australia, since it is designed for Australian road and weather conditions. They cater to all types of loads, and conform to the Australian standards. A wide range of wheel designs are available to give the vehicle a new look. The Hussla Zane, Zen, M16, Sienna, Propeller, JDM, Raptor and Stealth are some of more popular wheel models from Hessla. These wheels are extremely durable lasting for a lifetime and are priced reasonably.


Avant garde is another popular wheel brand in Australia, with the Avant Garde Euro, M580 being used on vehicles. Some vehicle owners are preferring to use Vertini wheels with the Vertini Dynasty and Vertini Drift installed on vehicles. KMC is also popular with its wheels like the KMC Heist, Enduro, Grenade, Bully and Machete having attractive patterns. These wheels are available in different colors like grey, black and finishes The popular wheels for a 4×4 vehicle depend to a large extent on the model and brand of the vehicle, so vehicle owners should check availability before taking a decision.