There is always a need for Aboriginal carers and multicultural carers, as well as specialist carers who can support very vulnerable children.

Aboriginal carers

Around one third of children in care are Aboriginal, but there are not enough Aboriginal carers to support them. If you become a carer, you’ll help keep these children connected to community and culture to ensure their identity stays strong and alive.

Find out more, or contact an Aboriginal foster care agency in your area. You can also call AbSec on 1800 888 698 or visit their website for information about foster care support services.

Multicultural carers

We need carers from all communities to support children from diverse backgrounds. Find out more.

If you are interested in becoming a multicultural carer talk to one of the many foster care agencies across NSW or contact Settlement Services International or Creating Links – who specialise in working with carers and kids from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Disability carers

We need foster carers to care for children with a range of disabilities from learning disorders or developmental delays, to physical disabilities to intellectual and more severe disabilities.

If you are interested in caring for a child or young person with disability we want to hear from you! We can put you in contact with an Agency that provides foster care for children and young people with high needs or disability.

Do you have professional skills working with children or young people?

If you are a professional with caring experience and have room in your heart and home, we need people like you to support very vulnerable children. You will have transferrable skills that would help you be a great foster carer!

If you have related experience – for example teaching or nursing – call 1800 236 783 or send us an enquiry form.