People’s experiences of supporting children and young people are as diverse as the kids themselves. What they all say is that making a difference in a young life takes patience, energy, resilience and empathy.

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It can be hard work, kids and young people who enter care have experienced trauma, and often are sad, confused and scared. Sometimes they might have trouble feeling safe or trusting adults, and often they’ve never known what a ‘normal’ family feels like. You, and their casework team, will play a crucial role in helping them feel safe, secure and trusting in relationships.

In nearly all cases, children will want to maintain contact with their families. For many, maintaining a relationship or connection with their parents and extended family is crucial for their wellbeing. When you open your heart and home to a child, you also need to be open to helping them maintain relationships with their parents and extended family too. You’ll receive training and support from your caseworker to make birth family contact work.

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