Is Catering For Corporate Functions Hard?

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Is Catering For Corporate Functions Hard?


Catering seems pretty straightforward. Serving food at events and making sure everyone has a good meal seems like a simple concept. However, planning these caterings for corporate functions can get a bit tough. Corporate catering isn’t as easy as people think it is.


The Process


The process of corporate catering is simple, you choose and hire a caterer, you tell them what food you would like and when you want these served and delivered. While it does sound simple, it is not that simple. Caterers require specific details regarding your orders. You can either select choices from their menu or have a special customized one that better fits your liking. Caterers usually have a wide range of selections on their menus, so the food choices are never minimal.


There are many different types of catering that cater to corporate functions. The buffet-style is where the caterers bring in large food trays for various food choices to serve at your function. This type is similar to that of buffets you get to experience at restaurants, this type of serving is best for large corporate functions.


Platters are also a popular choice. Ordering a huge platter of a specific food item to serve at corporate functions allows a limited number of orders. This option could be enough or less, depending on the number of people present at the corporate function.

Individual orders are another option for catering. Having employees present in the corporate function list down their orders beforehand would give them the chance to have meals that are catered to their individual preferences.


Ordering food for your corporate function can get a bit tricky, while having a massive list of food choices seem fun and easy. After all, you will select the food you want to be served at your corporate event, and you have factors that you should keep in mind before placing your order.


Things To Keep In Mind


Always include vegetarian options in your food catering. It is crucial to consider that not everyone present at the corporate function may be meat-related food items. Gluten-free choices are also essential to add to the food menu.


Timing the order and clearing out the details with the catering company for the corporate function is also essential. Setting the date of when food is needed and setting the time when it should be served is excellent for everyone who will be involved in the event, whether you’re the one eating the food or preparing and doing it.


Be sure to order and serve food that is just right for the corporate function, and food is hard to estimate, and caterers have different portions for every meal order. A tip to make sure that food isn’t served less is adding a few other heads to your headcount. With this trick, you will have a little more of everything that would be enough to fill the corporate function.