A major component of the Fostering NSW Foster Care Recruitment and Retention project is the administration of the Fostering NSW website and 1800 Enquiry line number (1800 236 783). All enquirers (phone or online submission) are entered into the Fostering NSW Enquiry & Referral database, so they can be followed up as necessary, and their progression towards becoming authorised carers tracked, via Agency feedback.

The Fostering NSW website is a one-stop place to learn, think and connect to fostering and adoption. It provides comprehensive information on a range of care options in New South Wales, Australia, including foster care, open adoption and guardianship. It also contains links to all the Agencies providing foster care in NSW, listed by Aboriginal or general Agencies. Enquirers can also submit an online enquiry to ask questions, or be referred to a local Agency.

Visitors to the website are invited to read the information, interact on the Forum and review the information about agencies that provide foster care in their location. Visitors are encouraged to further their enquiries directly with an agency that they prefer, or via the online enquiry. The form captures details of potential foster carers that Fostering NSW forwards to agencies in rotation, by area and based on the information that they have provided. View a comprehensive flow chart explanation of the FNSW Enquiry Referral Process.

People who are thinking about becoming foster carers often wish to speak to someone directly and can do so by calling the FREECALL Fostering NSW Enquiry line (1800 236 783). From there, they are provided with comprehensive answers to any questions they may have, and may be referred on to an out-of-home care agency if appropriate. The 1800 number provides another channel of information and referral.  Potential carers are provided information about foster care as well as suitable agencies in their area. They may be referred directly to a local Agency. Callers can also be sent an information booklet on foster care and contact details of provider agencies. Or if callers prefer, their full details can be entered into the database and they are referred via the same system as the online enquiries.