How to get the best deal on wheel and tyre packages

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One of the crucial elements in getting a running, driving vehicle is to get the right set of wheels and tyres. After all, your car will only perform to the level that you tell it to. When executing tank slappers or doing doughnuts in your front lawn, your tyre grip mustn’t fade away at critical moments.

When buying new wheels and tyres for your ride, you’ll either be able to buy them outright or opt for wheel packages. Wheel packages are combinations made up of different brands, so there’s no buyer’s remorse involved because you know exactly what you’ll be getting. You can also save more money if you go through dealers offering wheel package deals rather than buying each product separately.

With that in mind, here are five ways on how to get the best deal on wheel and tyre packages:

1) Do your research.

There’s no substitute for doing some web surfing over the internet because it allows free access to the best brands in the market today without having to spend more than necessary. You can also compare different wheel package prices using tools like WheelApp, which is vital when you’re on a tight budget.

2) If you can, shop around in person to get the best prices.

Not only do various dealers have different overheads, but some of them may be offering limited-time discounts or huge discounts during major events like Christmas and New Year.

3)Buy in bulk.

The more you buy, the bigger your savings will be. However, do not buy more than you need because doing so is equivalent to throwing money away.

4) Don’t forget to check out the return policy and warranty terms of any wheel package deal that interests you. Aside from checking for good discounts on your desired products, also see to it that all agreements are present and accounted for beforehand.

5)Finally, never let anyone rush you into making a purchase decision. Before signing any documents, take as much time as possible since this is an important financial contract between you and the dealer.


If you do all of the above, you will for sure get the best deal possible on wheel and tyre packages Australia.