The purpose of the Fostering NSW Foster Forum (“the forum”) is to engage the community in constructive discussions about fostering children and young people in NSW, and to serve as a reliable source of information for people interested in fostering. Our goal is for the forum to allow vibrant and free discussion on various topics relating to fostering in NSW.

To encourage safe, open, constructive and civilised participation, it is important that we have some ground rules in place. By registering to use the forum, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.


We welcome all kinds of comments and thoughts, supportive, dissenting, critical or otherwise, as long as they are made in the spirit of constructive and civilised dialogue. All comments will be monitored, and the Moderators will delete any comments that deviate from our rules of conduct, as set out below. While breaches of these rules will result in a warning for users, regular rule-breakers may be blacklisted and removed from the forum.

We will delete or censor comments if, in our opinion, they have content that:

  • is abusive
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Anyone can view the forum, but before you can post comments you must register by providing a current email address and creating a username. This is to protect both you and Fostering NSW. Your email address will not appear anywhere on the forum.

General Rules

  • Respect the views of others. The Fostering NSW Foster Forum is designed to be a safe space for opinions and discussion. Please be tolerant and generous-spirited towards differing opinions and experiences.
  • Keep it Clean. Please use polite language at all times. Coarse, racist or sexist language, abuse and attacks are not acceptable.
  • Stay on Topic. Please do your best to stay on topic. While we appreciate wide-ranging discussions, we’d like to avoid derailed threads. Feel free to begin a new thread if an interesting line of discussion arises.
  • Keep it Short. Please try to avoid excessively frequent or long comments, which may discourage others from participating.
  • No Hawkers. The Fostering NSW Foster Forum is a place to discuss issues related to fostering. It is NOT somewhere to sell your goods and services.
  • Email Privacy. Forum user email addresses are not published on the Forum, nor shared, or used for any marketing purposes. They may be used by the Moderators to privately contact the commenter, but will never be shared with any other organisation.
  • Trolling is not acceptable. Trolling is posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response, or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion
  • Privacy and Anonymity. Pseudonyms are fine, and the confidentiality of children and young people in care MUST be maintained at all times. Please do not, under any circumstances, disclose anyone’s personal details or contact information with other forum members. Please do not specifically name any agency or caseworker.
  • Spam. All comments are passed through a spam filter. However, no spam-filtering technology is perfect, and from time to time it may flag legitimate comments. Please contact the Moderators if anything you have posted has been incorrectly rejected as spam.
  • No illegal activity of any kind will be tolerated.

From time to time Fostering NSW may want to use quotes from various users for promotional purposes, but this will only be done after seeking the user’s express permission, and will be de-identified to protect users’ privacy.


The opinions expressed in comments threads are entirely the responsibility of the various contributors. While Fostering NSW will do everything within reason to ensure that they are not defamatory, we accept no liability for them or the content of links included in them. Fostering NSW reserves the right to delete comments and/or blacklist any users seen to be contravening these Terms and Conditions, entirely at the Moderators discretion. Fostering NSW cannot be held responsible for any incorrect advice received on the Forum. If you are coming onto the Fostering NSW Foster Forum purely to vent your frustrations with a particular body, caseworker or agency, we suggest you contact that body directly, or seek professional and/or legal advice on how to proceed with any complaint.