St Joseph’s Cowper, Ltd.

St Joseph’s Cowper, Ltd.

St Joseph’s Cowper Ltd has been providing care and support for children and young people in Northern NSW for over 100 years.

St Josephs Cowper is an inclusive not-for profit organisation that provides a high quality fostering service and residential accommodation that meet the range of needs of children and young people in out-of-home care.

We offer carers:

  • An office in the Grafton area
  • Foster Care Coordinator
  • 24/7 on call
  • Ongoing training
  • Tax free allowance
  • Access to social activities
  • One on one case worker

We need a diverse range of carers to cater to the individual needs of the young people in our care. Foster carers are everyday members of the community who have a strong commitment to children and young people. They can be families, couples or singles.

02 6642 3022
120 North St, Grafton
Mid North Coast, Northern NSW
General Foster Care, Intensive Foster Care
Interim or Restoration Care, Long Term, Respite, Immediate