Samaritans Foundation Out of Home Care

Samaritans Foundation Out of Home Care

Samaritans has supported foster care placements for the past 15 years. We provide regular support for all carers that includes home visits, phone and after hours support to all our placements.

The Samaritans Foundation is a regional welfare agency operating throughout Eastern NSW, Australia. Samaritans Out of Home Care provides a secure and safe home for children who can’t live at home.

Samaritans Out of Home Care provides Emergency & Crisis care, Respite Care, Short to medium-term care, long term or permanent care and relative or kinship care. Carers can choose the type of care they would like to provide.

Samaritans provides carers with training, financial assistance, home visits, weekly phone calls and 24/7 emergency support.

1300 656 336
39/54 Clyde St, HAMILTON NORTH
26 Market Street, Mudgee, 2850
Hunter New England, Central Coast, Western NSW
General Foster Care
Interim or Restoration Care, Long Term, Respite, Immediate