CASPA Foster Care (Child and Adolescent Specialist Programs & Accommodation)

CASPA Foster Care (Child and Adolescent Specialist Programs & Accommodation)

CASPA offers flexible care options for children and young people who have suffered abuse and can no longer live at home. In providing behavioural, educational and social supports we attempt to level the playing field and assist the young people we care for to reach their full potential. We acknowledge past traumas while focusing on positive outcomes by setting achievable goals and empowering the young people.

CASPA is a leading agency in the “out-of-home-care” sector in Australia, providing foster, residential and community care in northern NSW.
Due to its commitment to enhancing carer capacity, CASPA provides extensive free training for any accredited foster carers in the region, and a high level and quality of support for their authorised carers including:
  • Ongoing training
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • Monthly meetings with a designated support worker
  • Foster Carers Support Group/Coffee Club
  • Allowances up to AU$43,000 a year per child for generalist foster care, and specialist carer packages for higher needs children
  • Access to in house and external clinical guidance

We tailor support packages for Specialist Carers who are able to provide full time care to our highest needs young people. We also have an In-House Carer Model to support large sibling groups where CASPA will provide the house, car and utilities as well as the usual supports and allowance carers are entitled to.

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Mid North Coast, Northern NSW
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