Foster carers in NSW are provided with a fortnightly payment from their agency to cover the costs of looking after children in care, based on Community Services guidelines. Contingency payments are also available for other out of pocket expenses, such as specialist visits.

A common question amongst prospective foster carers is: How much will I get paid? Carer payments vary from agency to agency, but every carer receives a baseline fortnightly payment per child. It is not a salary, but an allowance to cover the living costs of the child or children placed in your care.

The amount of financial support given is usually determined on the different types of placements, depending on the age of the child in care and the complexity of their needs, ranging from general to higher support needs. See the table below outlining the fostering allowances set out by Community Services NSW. Some agencies offer a higher level of payment beyond these guidelines.



Please note this information is liable to change, and we will endeavour to keep it as up to date as possible.

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