Stories from children who with foster care experience

Erica – foster child

Erica started off life in a loving, normal household, but at age seven her father suddenly died and life went downhill from there. Her mother, severely depressed, developed Schizophrenia and was unable to care for Erica and her brother, aged two.

There was no extended family as her mother’s family lived in the Philippines and her father’s family were not in a position to take two young children. So Erica and her brother had to go into foster care.

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Amy – foster child

Amy’s mother got really sick when she was two, her father was absent and her grandparents took her in for a couple of years. But it all got too hard and without other extended family, Amy had to go into foster care.

Now 24, the medical sciences student who grew up in Goulburn talks glowingly of her time with Chris and Ian, who fostered her for several years and then formally adopted her when she was 13.

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David – foster child

David’s* mother got pregnant when she was 17 and her mother threatened to disown her if she came home with the baby. It was 1968. She went and had the baby at a home for unwed mothers in Newcastle.

Then deeply unhappy, she handed her child over to the state to become a foster child. At the age of three months, David went into a Sydney foster home and was looked after by a widow with five children. He stayed with them for 17 years.

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