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Academic Research, Behaviour, Personal Experience
By Moderator / May 3, 2018

Leaving foster care and disadvantage

“Young people who remain in care until they reach 18 rarely have the emotional, social and financial support that is available to most young people their age from their families.”… Read More

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Behaviour, Personal Experience
By Moderator / April 9, 2018

Parenting kids who have experienced trauma

Trauma Informed Care is “a framework that is based on knowledge and understanding of how trauma affects people's lives and their needs”… Read More

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By Moderator / March 1, 2018

Fostering & the LGBTI Community

Some people still wonder if gay people can become foster carers. Building a family through foster care is a rewarding and joyful route already taken by many LGBTI people.… Read More

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Interview, Personal Experience
By Moderator / February 19, 2018

Want to participate in a new film on Foster Care?

"As a young adult, I was surprised to find that many other young adults are either ill informed or completely unaware of the purpose and critical nature of Australia's Foster Care system"… Read More

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By Moderator / February 13, 2018

Aboriginal carers for Aboriginal kids: why does it matter?

We often get comments along the lines that the cultural background of foster carers does not matter, that it is “racist” to even suggest it does, and love is all that is needed. Unfortunately love is not enough for children suffering the effects of intergenerational trauma… Read More

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By Moderator / February 1, 2018

What is Restoration Care?

One of the most common reasons cited for being unwilling to take on foster caring is that “it would be too hard to give the children back.” Restoration care is all about "giving them back"… Read More

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By Moderator / November 6, 2017

Quiz Results: What do people report stops them from taking up foster care?

Earlier this year, we wanted people to tell us the reasons they have been discouraged from becoming a foster carer. We particularly wanted to hear from those who had considered the idea, and then decided against it.… Read More

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Personal Experience, Quiz
By Moderator / October 10, 2017

What stops people from becoming foster carers?

There is an ongoing search to find the "magic bullet" that will fill the huge need for safe, secure homes for society's vulnerable children. Because who doesn't want to help out kids, right?… Read More

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Academic Research, Behaviour, Personal Experience, Quiz
By Moderator / September 14, 2017

Do Foster Carers Fit a Certain Personality Type?

How much do you know about personality types? Do you like to find out which categories you fall into?… Read More

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Culture, Personal Experience
By Moderator / July 20, 2017

Cultural Diversity Needs to be Reflected in Foster Care

Good foster carers will do what they can to meet the cultural needs of any child placed into their care, but it follows that sharing a common culture is better. What can be done to reach diverse communities to share the invitation to consider foster care?… Read More

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Academic Research, Behaviour
By Moderator / June 29, 2017

Abuse and Associative Learning: a Common Issue for Children in Foster Care

Suffering abuse impairs a child's ability to learn, and that in turn can cause them to misbehave, especially as teenagers...… Read More

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Academic Research, Research Invitation
By Moderator / June 15, 2017

Adopting and Fostering with a Health Condition – Can the Process be Improved?

How does a health condition impact on the ability to foster or adopt a child?… Read More

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By Moderator / June 8, 2017

Foster care in fiction: Liane Moriarty

Have you noticed that the depiction of foster care in mainstream media such as TV, movies and books, often paints...

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Personal Experience
By Moderator / June 1, 2017

Back to Basics with a Foster Child

“When she came to us she didn’t know how to connect,” said Carolyn. “You could pick her up and she would just leave her arms hanging.”

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Academic Research, Research Invitation
By Moderator / May 25, 2017

To foster or adopt? What would influence your decision?

Recent changes to the Care and Protection Act now makes it easier for foster carers to adopt children in their care....

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Academic Research
By Moderator / May 11, 2017

Why should siblings be placed together in foster care?

What benefits are there for siblings in being placed together in foster care? Or what are the negative effects where they are separated?… Read More

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