Natalie Johnston, a young Australian filmmaker has reached out to us to help find people involved in foster care who may be willing to participate in a new film she is creating. She is aware of the legal restrictions around sharing the images of children & young people in care, and is keen to respect privacy and confidentiality where needed. This is what she said:

I am a young filmmaker currently working on a documentary centring around the hardships and joys associated with Foster Care. I am driven not only by my passion for learning more about the Foster Care System, but also the possibility of sharing experiences and giving a voice to the selfless men, women and children involved.

As a young adult, I was surprised to find that many other young adults are either ill informed or completely unaware of the purpose and critical nature of Australia’s Foster Care system. Our goal is to not only raise awareness but to shed a light on the realities of foster care.

In order to be true to reality and unique opinions and experiences, myself and my colleagues aim to gain the perspectives of various parties involved. For this, we need the help of generous foster carers, case workers and adults who as children, experienced the foster care system first hand.

We are looking for volunteers that can provide information or insight so that together we can create a meaningful film that focuses on real people and real stories.

If you or someone you know can spare the time, my colleagues and I would really appreciate the opportunity to meet you and hear your stories, opinions and experiences.

This project is due to start as a matter of urgency and should you be willing to participate, please contact me as soon as possible:

Thank you

Natalie Johnston & Alex Smart

SAE Creative Media Institute