The process to adopt or foster can already be long and sometimes difficult. Having a health condition is also not easy. How does a health condition impact on the ability to foster or adopt a child?

Improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer, chronic illness or disability has led to significant improvements in survival rate, and subsequent quality of life. Yet, for many patients a diagnosis and treatment can affect their fertility and reproductive health or their desire to have a child. For them especially, adoption and foster care are non-biological options for having children or growing their family.

Whilst the foster care and adoption system is well established in Australia, little is known about the fostering rates amongst people with a health condition. There has also been no investigation that covers their thoughts and perceptions, and the specific barriers that may arise for them to adoption and fostering. The Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s Hospital is conducting a nation-wide research study titled: Access and Barriers to Fostering and Adoption in Patients with Cancer, Chronic Health Conditions or a Disability.

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This research has been approved by the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Human Research Committee and therefore has strict privacy and confidentiality requirements.